So this is it, the first blog post. Well, second if you count the guest blog I recently did for an old school friend. Here goes nothing!

World prematurity day is on the 17th November and three years ago, almost to the day, we found out we (husband and I) were having twins. We were at a hospital that only takes non-complex expectant mothers. We didn’t know we were having twins until the 12 week scan.

When were were told it was twins, two babies, two everything including twice the price, our mouths fell to the floor (not literally, because that would be gross on a hospital floor). i remember sitting up to get up and sitting there dithering in shock.

We sat in the waiting room and couldn’t even speak to each other. What on earth, how on earth was this going to be possible? We only asked for one baby! I remember floating down the corridor to the car park. I was on cloud 9 (exclude the cliche).

Previous to that day, I didn’t have any morning sickness (I know, jammy or what?). Safe to say I was sick from that day onward.

I adored being pregnant, as if that’s what i was made for, well it was wasn’t it? Everyone is nice to you and asks how you are all the time, like you’re a celebrity, especially carrying twins!

The twins were due in the June. The time flew by and I loved watching them grow in my tummy. They wiggled and squish-squashed in there like sardines in a fleshy tin.

My birthday came and went in February. I was huge and getting larger by the day. I had a wonderful baby shower and received the most beautiful gifts for the twins.

I finished work at 32 weeks pregnant and took annual leave to spare my sacred maternity leave. Braxton hicks started 11 days later, or so i thought. I was in slow labour.

Finally, after 27 long hours, tiny and already so loved, two baby girls arrived almost safely at 34 weeks gestation. I knew nothing of premature babies. We were welcomed into the world of the neonatal unit with open arms and empathy.

Three weeks were spent in the neonatal unit with various complications including feeding and apnea, which the babies, in time overcame much to our joy!

The time spent there was tragic on our part and others. It’s like another world in there. You close the door of the unit behind you to leave and snap! you’re back to reality.

So, finally we were home and all together. That’s when the fun really began!


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