What Being a Mom Means to Me

What being a mom mean to me.

Being a mom has brought many things into my life. There are days that are harder than others and some days I think I’ve got this and feel like super woman.

Being a mom means late nights and early mornings and endless tiredness. Just when you think you’ve got on top of the tiredness, a big fat sleepless night creeps up on you like an unwelcome surprise party for two.

Being a mom means nothing is ever your own again, be it food, drinks, your social life (or lack of it), your house, your body and definitely your mind.

Being a mom means worrying about them from their development to the nutritional value of their next meal that you have lovingly prepared, only for them to not eat anyway. Worrying about the cost of things. Are they warm enough? Are they safe?

Being a mom means you now come 2nd 3rd or even 4th. It’s almost never about you anymore

It means you cannot have sick days; you need to keep this ship afloat.

It means going to baby groups, battling anxiety and talking to other people who, ordinarily you wouldn’t pass the time of day with and the only thing you have in common is that you both produced tiny humans. The other moms always look like they have it all together. How do they do that?

Now then, you’re thinking all this sounds awful, like being a parent makes you into an unwashed tired, hungry, thirsty, sleep deprived zombie. You would be right on some days, but other days it means something else.

It’s the arrival of someone you’re completely devoted to from the minute they take breath. It means watching your little people grow day by day and overcome such amazing battles that you never thought possible.

It means watching them take their first steps, a moment in time which you wish you could hold onto forever.

It means finding friends in those other moms who you thought you wouldn’t like and wouldn’t like you and finding out that they’re equally as zombie as you!

Being a mom of twins means people stopping in the street to tell me how lucky I am; to tell me they’re beautiful and haven’t they got beautiful hair? Always the hair!

It means being out with friends with singletons and people looking at my two like they’re famous. It means hearing people as they pass you say ‘Did you see those twins?’ and ‘Ahh! Twins!’

It means witnessing sheer joy on your child’s face from a simple tickle, hug or treat. Its hearing that wild laughter that fills your ears and heart.

It means being their everything and them being yours. It means life will never be the same and you wouldn’t swap it for anything, (maybe a hot cup of tea and lie in).

Being a mother is the best thing and the worst thing all at the same time, mixed up with some strong emotions from all involved and served with a side of caffeine.


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