Best friends (part two) 

And so, onto Micky

I have known Micky since we were both 14. We were never destined to be friends. We were in opposite sides of the year, we didnt have any classes together and we lived in different areas. Yet still,  became good friends. 

We were part of a larger group of well established friends and over time we came spend more time together in and out of the larger group.

Our friendship foundations were built on a very similar sense of humor, similar tastes in weird food like onion and garlic dip, jelly and sausages! im painting an odd picture, i know. Bare with me.

So, we spent our weekends loitering around solihull high street and McDonalds like any normal teens. Waiting for buses that sometimes never came, taking stock check in H&M and laughing. Endless laughter.
We went to house parties and told our parents we were doing something sensible when really we were breaking a few rules and making a lot of noise. We discovered hangovers together and their cures.
We imparted our bottomless wisdom on each other and shared and kept secrets still to this day. We learnt the pain of teenage heartbreak and fell out over boys.
We finished secondary school with what we thought was an amazing prom (nothing much comparing to the ones these days) and had the summer of our lives.It was filled with summer sunshine and listening to awful naughties RnB. It was a summer of godbyes to friends we had grown up with and a goodbye to our larger group of friends.
It was time to grow up and grow apart. It was time to get a job and time to learn how to spend that earned cash

So i now worked at a pub waitressing and Micky was embarking on an apprenticeship and working at time at the weekend. 

We saw each other when we could and began our life-long love for the film Dirty Dancing and inevitably, Patrick Swayze.

By now we were 17 years old and we had swapped our everyday friendship for relationships and boyfriends.
We supported each other through tough times, some tougher than others. What I didnt mention about Micky, is that at 16, she was dealt a card that would change her life. Micky was told she had ME. This meant she was now unable to continue with her apprenticeship, and had to leave.
Being the person that she is, Micky drew what she could out of her days. I visited her often and we remained good friends.
By the age of 19, we had fallen out, yet again over stupid boys that made us cry!
We didnt speak to each other for a few years at this point. We missed each others 21st birthdays and I had now started my nurse training. Micky was making a slow but steady road to recovery from ME and was now working.
Our contact remained limited with each other and we were not the friends we once were, sadly. Despite this, Micky was still there when i needed her and I for her too.

Our times together were more grown- up these days. Time spent having lunch together and coffee dates in over-priced coffee chains.
I completed my nurse training and When i got married 3 years later, she was a bridesmaid for me.
Shortly after that, we fell out. We didn’t speak to each other for around a year, which meant she wasnt there to share the milky, sleepy haze of most of the first year of the twins.
This was a bitter pill to swallow.

We were now back on speaking terms and she was pregnant with her first child, which I have now had the absolute pleasure in sharing the first year with and am godparent to.
Micky has endured some terrible times in the time that I have known her, and still continues to battle with her health every day, but when we are together, its like we have never been apart, like two keys to the same padlock.
Our children love each other and its a joy to share in their time together.

The journey we have taken so far has been one of occasional turmoil  and sometimes of regret, but we always seem to come back to each other like boomerangs.
I’m looking forward to the next chapter of us and what it hold for us both.


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