Nurses- curry & a catch up

This week I had the absolute pleasure of seeing some old Nursing colleagues. We all went for dinner together and caught up on some gossip.

As I arrived at the restaurant, I was on my own. Apprehensive, I went in. A shriek of delight as the people who were already there, saw me. I Haven’t seen some of these people for almost 12 months, if not longer!
Let me fill you in. When I qualified as a nurse, I was lucky enough to land the job I wanted, almost straight away. That job was with this bunch of women,  community nursing. When you qualify as a nurse, its an experience that runs parallel to passing your driving test. You don’t really learn the ropes until you’re out on your own and panicking!
Some of these women have taught me some of the greatest values and morals that I will take me through life.They have supported me through uncertain times and shared their invaluable wisdom with me.  They have comforted me and celebrated with me and told me when im out of order and when im right.
Nursing is seeing real life, being in the forefront of peoples lives. ive seen things and heard things that some people can only imagine.
Given that nursing is life shown in the harsh light of reality, this has for me, brought me closer to this group of people.
So there was me in this restaurant with these nurses. some of which are still nursing in some which way and some of which, have now retired.
I was listening to the chatter, most things changed into an innuendo. Amongst the cackling and multiple conversations that were going on, I was listening to their lives and how they’re now buying houses in the sun and motor homes for exploring and where they plan to go with them. Listening to them tell us about their sons, daughters and grand children and the milestones they have reached in their lives.
I am just at the beginning of my nursing career (6 years into it) and still a long way to go until retirement. I just hope that i can be the nurse that they are and experience the things that they have.
It felt almost bitter sweet to see them. Great the hear about their families and lives but sad that they had moved on and we shared our stories of the tragic yet inevitable demise of the NHS.
It was an absolute honour to have worked with them and the patients they treated had their lives enriched by them.
Great curry too! see you next time ladies!


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