Dear You 

Two letters to two very special girls.
 Dear Clara, 

At 34 weeks, you had a scary arrival into this world. You arrived, so very tiny and quiet. 

You were whisked away so quickly without so much as a cuddle. 

You came home from hospital first, leaving Molly in hospital. For a week it was just you and me and Daddy. 

You were so very tiny-the same size as the remote almost and like a doll, but so very loud when you wanted attention. 
when you were in your huge bed at night, you would grunt and wiggle. 

You took and absolute lifetime to drink one tiny bottle of milk and would never give up your wind until it was too late. But that meant we got to hold you a little longer and see your baby hiccups so often. 

 You’re fast growing into such a caring little thing. 

You’re still enjoying being the baby of our little family. You cry at the drop of a hat. 

Your bouncy golden curls surround your chubby little cheeks. 

You cling to me like a koala, made of Velcro and needing hugs. 

You won’t always call me in the night for hugs, and I’ll try at remember that the next time I can’t stay awake. 

You fit in the the crook of my arm as you always have done, but one day you’ll outgrow my hugs. 

You say such funny things and ALWAYS need the toilet at inappropriate times. 

You would gladly live in a world made of cheese. 

You love your Pip but don’t want anyone to know how much you love him but I have seen you in your car seat in the mirror talking to him. Telling him you love him. 

You copy what your sister wants and sometimes she copies you too. You fight together and most of all I love it when you’re squealing at the top of voice and play fighting with each other.

You bring us so much love and joy. You’re so funny and incredibly cute. 

I wish I could keep you like this forever. 

Mommy’s baby 

Love you always, 



 Dear Molly, 

My big brave girl. 

You had a tough start in this life and you charged through the fight of your life like a trooper. 

The day they told us you were coming home, I remember my heart bursting with love. 

The end of our Neonatal unit journey. 

Anything your little life has thrown at you, you have fought and pulled through. You’re rarely poorly, you’re the last one to give in. You’re very strong willed and solid. 

You know what you want and don’t take no for an answer. 

One day I will relish in your strong will, but while you’re two years old, it’s hard work. 

You’re our big girl and a natural leader. 

You love your sister so much and you’re so very funny with each other. Yet you couldn’t be more different. Chalk and cheese Granny says. 

You say such comical things, so very literal.

You love to take care of tiny toys and collect them up like a brood. 

Mother hen. 

You never cease to amaze me with how clever you are. I wonder where your new vast vocabulary comes from and what on earth will you come out with next. 

I wish you could stay this small and funny forever. 

Mommy’s big girl. 

Love you. 

Mommy xx 

Two girls that are so different to each other, and so loved.


One thought on “Dear You ”

  1. Amy, your beautiful daughters will treasure these letters when they are older, such lovely letters filled with love and recognition of their special individuality. Keep up the writing on your page, very enjoyable xxx


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