We Are Women

We are women.

We are Daughters, Aunties, Sisters, Nannies, Grannies and Nieces.
We are the cogs in our families wheel, keep turning.
We cook, clean, iron and wash…and wash…and wash!!
We see life, we see death, we bring life into the world.
We love, we despise.
We hug, we kiss, we nurture, we grow life.
We shop!
We know what we want.
We are strong, the mighty!
We put out fires, teach, unblock pipes, build houses, diognose, comfort and heal.
We can do!

We are women.
We laugh, we cry, we get angry. We are emotional.
We can be tough, we can be soft.
We are adaptable, flexible and willing.
We can grow, flourish and change.
We are women.
We are amazing!
We belong.
We can be solitary, detatched and devided.
We can unite!
We are powerful, forceful and passionate.
We are determind and driven.

We are women.
Don’t think we can’t.
We are gorgeous, elegant and classy.
We are influential game changers.
We are capable.
We cope.
We manage, support and praise.
We fight for rights, for votes, for presidency.
We are women and we run this.


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