Splish Splash 

Bath time in our house doesn’t happen every day. How dirty do children really get these days?
Anyway, Once the twinnies know its bath time, they’re super excited!
They take all their clothes off downstairs, which makes them even wilder and climb the stairs calling each other, telling each other to hurry!
The water is running and they’re trying to climb in the bath before its ready like eager ducklings.
The bathroom fills with swirlig clouds of steam and the smell of lavender. Toys are tipped into the bath and there’s a squabble over the best sponge.
Finally, its ready. The water is cool enough for Clara and warm enough for Molly.
In they get, splashing about and there is a game of tea cups going on and washing dollies.
Squeals of delight when they splash each other until it goes too far.
“Mommy i need a towel!”
I sit for a moment and think about the time when clara had her first bath in hospital and she screamed or when they were home and couldn’t sit up in the bath and they had just realised they could kick and splash.
Time to wash their hair.
They do not love their hair being washed.
Two lots of goldilocks hair to wash.
I leave their hair wash till last.
Lots of moaning and trying to get away later…it’s time to get out.
Whilst one gets out the other finds the plug and pulls it out.
I wrap the first one up in a warm towel and for a minute they are a baby again. All snuggled up, just us two. I look at their baby face, content and clean, rosey with warmth and for just one more minute, they are my baby.
Creamed and dressed in warm pyjamas, they wait for the other.
The second child is invariably skidding round the bath enjoying the last few suds before it all disappears down the plug hole.
Once again, I wrap them up in a warm towel like a big bear hug. My baby once again. They never wriggle away from this embrace unlike the rest of the day, they stay there all cosy and loved.

Bath time is one of my favourite times of the day; to see and hear them play and splash about. Chat to each other and ask questions. Their imagination unleashed in a watery playground, it’s both amusing and heart warming to see and hear.
Until the next time. Glug glug


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