The bit that nobody tells you about…

I am on many facebook pages that tell me stories of other mothers and their daily struggle of sleepless nights, making bottles, breastfeeding, potty training, tantrums, siblings and weaning; the list seems endless. I see many memes making light about what is sometimes a hellish role.

It is a role that forfiets sleep and compromises your entire being. A chef, a waitress, doctor nurse, cheif hugger, tear wiper and dummy finder on the darkest nights. Battling through those first few unforgiving years when you get very little interaction back from a child.

There are mothers internationally forgetting who they were prior to children and looking for the best concealer for those bags under their eyes (the real meaning of bags for life!) Mothers trying to work the best life for their kids. Mothers going it alone and Mothers raising children with other Mothers.

Raising children is a job that should come with some sort of certificate or trophy to say that you as well as the child, completed tasks such as breastfeeding and potty training. Either that or each potty sold should come with a bottle of gin strapped to it. 

We have overcome daily struggles. Our three year olds are ones for putting on a little tantrum show now and then and singing us the song of their people, which is one of high pitches screams and a dance of leg kicking and alot of floor work. This is shortly followed by hugs and apologies. We learn to deal with them. As much as Super Nanny can tell me about the naughty step, she didnt tell me to also purchase some ear defenders for the screaming…

There are copious amounts of parenting books available to read to prepare you for the trials of parenthood. I even naievely bought a book on breastfeeding. The bit the book failed to mention was that the twins would be in hospital for three weeks and I would be at home, therefore rendering it near impossible to actually breastfeed them. 

So the bit that nbody tells you about…

It was recently our twins third birthday and we have just come home from the wonderful and much needed sunshine.

Nobody told me that when we went to Thomas land for their birthday how much joy I would find in their joy, to see their little faces light up at their favouite recognised characters. They were so excited for the whole day. It was a feeling that filled my heart with love and my stomach with butterflies.

When we were away we stayed in a caravan which they were ecstatic about. The novelty of bouncing on a different bed and unpacking their little suitcases (on wheels for added novelty) was so apparent. 

It was as if they were made for the beach. The loved jumping in the waves and chasing each other and Daddy! 

And in these moments of their sheer elation, my face aches from smiling at them and that warm fuzzy feeling washes over me like a huge wave of complete happiness- nobody tells you that will happen, that you will feel that.

To witness them independently join in with dancing and singing at the evening entertainment with a broad smile and no cares is an incredible feeling the real meaning of parenting. True love.

To see that they are so happy and carefree is something that no book or facebook group can tell you about. Nobody tells you how very much you will love them. Nobody tells you about the sheer joy you will find in theres and nobody tells you how very much they will love you for it too.


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